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Write For Us

Write For Us

We have decided to open our doors and welcome with open hands writers who are interested in putting up their articles one our blog, particularly, Rankings related to Finance and Educational articles. This act is synonymous with guest blogging.

  • How it benefits you as a Finance and Educational blogger?

Every approved and accepted blog posts will see the author enjoy all the blog promotion benefits highlighted below.

  • Pure organic traffic to individual blogs
  • Inbound link

Please Note: PME Blog only accepts 10 Guest / Sponsored Posts In a Month

Requirements for posting a guest post

  • Information is key, all submitted articles must be informative. Articles related to finance, business, education are prefered especially if its in a ranking format.
  • Articles must contain a minimum of 800 words.
  • Publication of submitted articles on other platforms is prohibited, this is not a selfish act, it is rather an act towards ensuring our blog isn’t penalized by search engine bots. So plagiarized content won’t be accepted
  • Submitted contents must be creative, original and unique.
  • We dump spinned articles into the recycle bin where we won’t remember to check back on it for ages.
  • Trying to be sleek by stylishly promoting your services/contents in submitted articles attracts a penalty.
  • We also reject promotion of companies, products/services.
  • Articles with too many grammatical flaws will be deleted with immediate effect.

Other guidelines

  • Inclusion of author’s biography and blog link at the bottom of the submitted post.
  • Do not go the extra mile to attach pictures to submitted articles, we’re experts at what we do, we will find befitting pictures and fix where it’s necessary.
  • Inclusion of more than a link is unacceptable.
  • The link in your guest post must serve a purpose of that particular article.
  • Articles should be devoid of sponsored links/affiliate links/ keyword links.
  • Do not include companies/unrelated links/deep links in your articles.
  • Linking to an xrated site/blog/platform is strictly prohibited.
  • You have the chance to include only a do follow link.
  • Subtly trying to link to any hired freelance professional writers/ third-party writers is prohibited and won’t be allowed under no circumstance.

How to proceed further?

If you’re certain your guest post ticks all the criterias above, kindly forward an email to Your article will be reviewed and published 24 hours if there are no other blog entries we’re working on at that particular moment. If after 3 days, you can’t find your submitted article anywhere on our blog or a reply mail, it’s been rejected.

All Information on this page is subject to update by us at any time

Thanks as we anticipate working with you.

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