Fraud:5 Online Fraud Mistakes(And How to Avoid Them)

Fraud:5 Online Fraud Mistakes(And How to Avoid Them)
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Mistakes to avoid
5 online Mistakes to avoid when dealing with scammers

Hey guys,How are you are you?I trust you all had a great weekend .Before I proceed,I will like to thank you guys for reading my blog-You guys are great!I love you all#No homo, lol. Today I will share with you guys ‘5’ mistake to avoid when dealing with scammers.,
Note:If you committed any of these mistakes and you need advice,Please contact Us!.The mistakes are discussed below

1.)Exchange of nude pics: It’s no new thing that scammers often demand for nude pics of their victim when they must have tested the victim to certify that He/She has fallen in love with them/trusted them completely-How they do this?through psychological manipulation.
Advice:When an online personnel/lover/partner demands for your nude picture(s) ,do not act stupidly by sending it instead send Him/Her something better-a normal picture or a meme pic.These should putt such a person off;if they do however insist,Block them and be done with it!do not make this online fraud mistake

Avoid online fraud

2.)Bank Login details:Never give your bank log-in details to persons details to persons who are not supposed to have access to it-Only you and family should have access to this;you must have heard this a thousand time but you put away this word of advice because you think you are in love with him/her.So you trust them with such info
Advice:These people earn your trust by various means.Never give them your login details .Some might say things like “I want to make transfer to you”.”My friend wife needs help” pr “The general wants you to help him get some money to his wife”-They are all lie!Be Smart!Avoid Scam!Also avoid this online fraud mistake

Online mistakes to avoid when dealing with Fraud
Not your bank

3.)Home Address Info:We have all heard scary stories of people who give out their Home Address to people(Scammers,Stalkers,Serial Killers-Knowingly or unknowingly) and paid for it with their lives.Do you also want to fall victim of these gruesome deaths?
Advice:Never give out your home address to people online .If they want to meet you in your country for the first time,fix the meeting place miles away from your home-Maybe a restaurant or a Park with people around!.


Online mistakes to avoid when dealing with a scammer
Not my Contact!Be gone Fraud

4.)Contact Info:There are many ways scammers can get your contact info,Some include phising,fake online Surveys ,fake emails etc.
Advice:Never visit a site your browser or anti-virus flags as ‘insecure’ or ‘Contains Malware” as your contact info can be phised.Do not be in a hurry to give out your mobile number,give a fake email address instead.

Online mistakes to avoid when dealing with Fraud
Scammers stay Off!including Online Frauds

5.)A scanned copy of your Will and other Legal document(s):As we all know that any document(s) can be forged.A scammer with a copy of your ‘will’ or other legal documents such as ‘Certificate Of Ownership(COFO),Certificate Of Insurance,House Papers,Companies’ will use it to Scam not only innocent but larger organisations.
Advice:A scammer with such a ‘power’ is like ‘Superman’-If you know what I mean.Never commit such a mistake and if you did,Please contact Local authorities and customer care of the email provider the scammer uses e.g gmail,yahoo,windows etc-Report them!

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  • The typical scam starts with an emotional email message. It can be from an official government member, a businessman or a member of a very wealthy family member (usually a woman) who asks you to provide help in retrieving a large sum of money from a bank, paying initially small fees for papers and legal matters. In exchange for your help, they promise you a very large sum of money.

    Of course, this is just the beginning. Afterwards, they ask you to pay more and more for additional services, such as transactions or transfer costs. You even receive papers that are supposed to make you believe that it’s all for real. In the end, you are left broke and without any of the promised money.

    There were also cases where not only money was lost in the scam, but people were kidnapped or even worse.

    • Author

      That is right Roman and these people often do it most times on Nice and unsuspecting people. I wish people get enlightened on how to avoid these scams,that is why I created this blog


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