16 Signs You’re In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

16 Signs You’re In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship
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Signs you are in an abusive relationship

Finding Love is a good thinga relationship is created!.What then happens if such a relationship turns into an abusive one?It is possible you are in an abusive relationship if you find yourself asking this question or if others have expressed concerns over this same question.There are some red flags below that could mean that the relationship is an abusive one or your relationship could turn into ‘an abusive one’.

Be careful if your partner:

Abused emotionally
Signs you are in an abusive relationship

1)Separates you from family and friends
2)Makes you feel like a puppet and a dummy.
3)Attacks you verbally,physically or emotionally.
4)Lacks the capacity to understand your point of view
5)Obsessively Controls your Choices
6)Is cruel to people or animals
7)Switches from a sweet and caring guy to cruel or mean
8)is over demandingly controlling you to protect you
9)Controls all finance resources
10)Controls or hacks(unauthorized entry) your phone;this limits your access to phones and devices.
11)threatens to do you harm,harm others or themselves to control you
12)is excessively sensitive or constantly playing the victim
13)blames you for their violent temper expressions
14)is always monitoring you or always wanting to be with you 24/7
15)is extremely authoritative and over-demanding
16)hides their insecurity behind a savagery act.

An Abusive partner sucks
Abusive partner sucks

No one is immune to abuse-it happens to both sexes but in general,men are prone to violence than women(not all men are more violent than all women).The end result of any abusive relationship is usually intense Shame.However damaging feeling can be overcomed,heres how to overcome feelings of an abusive relationship shame/guilt

1)Never believe the abuser’s message that you are ugly,unlovable,defective,stupid and that no one else would want you.This is false in a planet with over 10 billion people.

2)Never give in to temptation to make excuses for your partner hoping that things will improve and that they will change.If your guts is telling you to leave-you better listen to it and leave such an abusive relationship.

3)If you are unable to protect yourself from your partner,kindly remove yourself from the relationship to set healthy boundaries.Understand that you are worth protecting and that through self-comparison you can and will heal in no time.

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