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Ready to put your business online? Or maybe you just want to register your business name before someone else buys it.

Buying your domain name early is never wrong irrespective of when you intend to launch your business. Even if you intend to start your business a year from now, it’s always advisable to register a domain early.

Another benefit of registering a domain name early is the seo benefits. It’s easier for you to rank for an older domain than it is to rank with newer domains. Google naturally believes that older domains or domains that have been in use prior are more credible because they have been in existence longer than the newer ones.

Whogohost is one of the numerous hosting Companies with international,strong and reliable hosting in Nigeria. They offer web hosting in Nigeria, domain registration and other stellar services which has made them a household name.

If you are a business owner and you want to build a website, Whogohost has a website builder for you and the prices ranges from N60, 000 to N150, 000. There are easier alternatives out there with faster timelinessbut this is a new feature from Whogohost which makes it less stressful for those customers who don’t want to think about starting a website or looking for a developer to help them build a website.

If you want to run an Ecommerce site though, I advise you get in touch with us by leaving a reply and we would advise on other alternatives.

But if you want to run an Ecommerce store, update an existing website designed by someone else, change your design entirely, do seo to boost search traffic, run online marketing campaigns or write content for your website, then its best you leave a comment at the end of this article and we will get in touch.

So, how do you put your business online with Whogohost ?

1. Go to the website here —>> Whogohost

You can click on it, it will open another window on your web browser.

2. Search for a domain name first.

It is always advisable to start by searching for your domain name. This way you know if it’s available before you buy a hosting plan and in the case where it is not available, you can easily modify it before purchasing a hosting plan.

What you do here is to write your potential URL here without the “www and .com”

E.g. – makemedancegaga

  • Once you type it in, you would see a “.ng” to the right.
    You can change that if you don’t want the website to be

NB: Our sample domain name is “makemedancegaga”

If is available.Preoceed to checkout
But if it  has a warning message that says “sorry, makemedancegaga is already taken”
What that means is that I can’t use the popular .com extension. I will have to use .ng extension.

The major difference between the .com and .ng is that one is country specific while the other one can show up for different countries, so most people usually prefer the .com not the or the .ng

So if your business is strictly for Nigeria like, then or .ng will be perfect for you. It means Google will give your domain priority for searches coming into the page. This is very strategic and key.

If you haven’t opened Whogohost page yet, you can open it here without closing this page

Click here to open Whogohost to buy your domain

3. Domain Configuration

  • Click on Continue if you have found the domain name that suits you. You can also choose to pay for two years up front or more. The longer the years you select, the more discounts you get.
  • On the domain configuration page, you have to click on “No Hosting! Click to add”

Hosting is where your business will live online. It will power your business and keep your files. See domain as your name while hosting is your house. That is your power source. It has to be on point. You can’t afford to go cheap here, the bigger the better especially when you want to run a business online.

The 1GB web space talks about how much data that can be stored for your business. The Bandwidth talks about the amount of traffic that Whogohost can allow to come in and can be downloaded from your site. Once you exceed that amount, you either upgrade or your business will become inaccessible.

I’m selecting the PRO package because I expect to grow within a 2months period. It’s a standard plan.

After this, you would be asked to choose the domain you want to associate with the hosting plan.

  • select hosting plan

This setting is for those who might want to register a new domain or maybe you have purchased a domain from someone else in the past but now you need web hosting on Whogohost or you already have webhosting on Whogohost but you need a domain name.

4. The final stage is for you to configure the billing cycle

I advise you choose annually, so you don’t bother about paying for a year

  • making payments on whogohost

As you can see, my total payment is N7000 for a year. This is quite affordable.

Once you click on continue, you would be asked to register and then make payments.

Whogohost offers payment via ATM (Quickteller and Interswitch), PayPal and Bank Transfer. Their bank transfers take time before they confirm, so I advise you pay online.

That’s all for registering your domain and hosting on Whogohost in Nigeria.

Click here to open Whogohost to reserve your Domain Name