Does true love still exist?Love,misconceptions and Jesus

Does true love still exist?Love,misconceptions and Jesus
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Does true love still exist?(Love,Misconceptions and Jesus)

The concept of true love which is what we search for all our lives.What people really want more than anything else is to be loved unconditionally,to be accepted for who you are,and still be loved.Todays world
is a materialistic one where love does not carry much significance compared to gifts and money.Christ love for you
In this day and time,Does anyone believe true love still exist?
Every human heart longs to find love,to live love and to die having felt loved.As much as we may denigrate love or deny its existence,we always seem to dream about that place where we can find it.Man
cannot live without believing in love and our constant search for it has led us to seek evidence of it’s existence and to ask others to give us irrefutable evidence o its reality.Love is not an illusion but
unfortunately,we often search in others that which we should be nourishing within ourselves.
We must first understand that
1)To love,you must first learn to love by loving God because God is love:Through this,you not only love others but feel love for yourself too.God is love,He passed on his love through his son-See John 3:16
“For God love the world so much that he gave his only begotten son so that anyone who believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”-John 3:16

2) Love is unconditional:Love does not give terms & condition.It sustains and remains through and after tough times/trials(it stands the test of time).Love is not Racism or ethnic segregation,it is to love everyone equally.See Mathew 22:39

“This is the first and greatest commandment,the second most important is similar:love your neighbor as much as you love yourself”

Some people often confuse themselves and often demand for a prove or test(s) of love.Please note that:

a)Love is abstract and does not exist in the material world.

b)There are no such things as tests of love,for what one can do for somebody today might not be repeatable tomorrow.

c)Any requested ‘test’ of love is nothing more than a veiled form of manipulation.

d)If you give in to the so called ‘test of love’ there will always be more and more demands for shows of love.

e)When the requested test is sexual in nature,women should remember that the ease of her response comes at the experience of becoming an ‘easy girl’.The same ‘test of love’ becomes a test of your
integrity.Men should remember that the bible asks us all to flee from all appearance of evil

f)Even within the context of true love,one can say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and not feel obliged to give in to an immoral or unreasonable demands .In this,sincerity and desire for the good of the other is what counts.

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